The Building Rules Modernisation Committee was appointed in February 2017 with the task of a systematic and thorough review of Chapters 8 and 10 of the Planning and Building Act, Chapters 3–5 and 7 of the Planning and Building Ordinance, Boverket’s Building Regulations, Boverket’s Regulations on the application of the European construction standards and the standards they refer to in order to modernise the regulatory framework, thereby benefitting greater competition and increased construction. The Committee was also to investigate the appropriateness, efficiency and volume of the regulatory framework. When required, the Committee is free to propose amendments to this and adjacent regulatory frameworks that set requirements for the design and construction of buildings and civil engineering works. The Committee is also to analyse the need for regulation to reduce climate and environmental impacts, including the spread of particularly dangerous substances during the construction process and in the choice of building materials.

The part that relates to standards was presented in December 2017. The part that relates to reduced climate and environmental impacts was presented in June 2018. A report on the remainder of the remit has been presented by 19 December 2019.

Committee Terms of Reference